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Are you looking for a experienced professional organization to serve all of your computer, network and communications needs without paying high prices? Look no further! DuxPond Communications has a team of highly knowledgeable engineers that can service all your Computer needs including; pc repair, troubleshooting, upgrades, consulting, custom built workstations and servers. All your Communications needs including; LAN, WAN, P2P, P2MP, Internet Access, Telephone, VOIP, VHF, UHF, Microwave, Mobile Broadband and WiFi. All your Security needs including; IP Cameras, CCTV, PTZ, DVR, Remote monitoring and offsite cameras. With prices starting at $75 per hour and availability day, night and weekends, how can you go wrong? Call us today for a free consultation at (609) 780-7616 or fill out our contact form.

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